A science fair project should be fun to do.  Science research does involve some risk, both to you the researcher, and to others involved in the project (including animals).   The rules of the International Science and Engineering Fair are designed to minimize this risk and promote safe research.   Please read through the rules that pertain to your research project.  If you have questions about the rules, please discuss them with your Adult Sponsor (teacher) and/or the Regional Science Review Committee. 

Fair Timeline

 Date     Event
February 18, 2022 Regional Fair Registration Due.  All forms (Registration, ISEF forms, Research Plan, and Abstract) submitted by e-mail to Fair Director (ottingerm@sanjuancollege.edu).  In addition, Project PDF file, Quad Chart, 2 minute video and any optional files that are to be uploaded to the fair webpage must be submitted by February 18th.  
1-4, 2022
Virtual Zoom judging appointments will be submitted to the project contact e-mail address before February 25th.   

Meetings with judges will be held at the scheduled time via Zoom on March 1-4.

March 5, 2022 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Awards Ceremony via Zoom
Zoom link will be posted on the Fair webpage.
TBD New Mexico State Science Fair
May 8-13, 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.


Required Forms

Submitting Paperwork for SRC Approval

If your project requires SRC approval before research, please e-mail a copy of the completed forms:

  • ISEF Forms 1, 1A, 1B, and others, as needed for approval
  • Research Plan

to Dr. Michael Ottinger (ottingerm@sanjuancollege.edu).  The SRC will review your plan and respond to you within one week.   If your plan is approved, the SRC will return the forms to you (or your Adult Sponsor) by e-mail.  If it is not approved, the SRC will explain what changes you need to make before approval can be granted.  When the changes are made, you may resubmit the forms for approval.   If you have questions about this process, please check with your Adult Sponsor (teacher) or contact Dr. Ottinger at the above e-mail address.